Our Team

We're health lovers at heart with a flair for translating consumer insights into actionable programs. Our diverse team of nutritionists, digital specialists, PR practitioners, category experts, and media and branding strategists ensures we explore brand opportunities and challenges from all angles to reach a range of targeted audiences.

Quyen Lam Yuen

What's your all-time favorite TV show? Gilmore Girls. The writing and dialogue is witty and colorful, and the characters are dynamic and personable. I strive to be all of those things in my work and personal lives.

Lauren Clark

What's your favorite Sunday activity? Cook for the week! I love how cooking is the perfect blend of improvisation and precision. You need to take some risks but can't totally stray.

Dana Fisher

What would you do if you weren’t working at Allidura? In my dreams I'd be a Broadway star, but realistically I'd be a food blogger. I love to cook and try new recipes. I'm fascinated by the online industry that has evolved around the love of food and how brands are able to share an authentic story to inspire their audience and create loyal fans. No matter the occasion, lifestyle or skill-level, there's a perfect recipe (or 100) for you in the food blogosphere.

Sharon Bukspan

What would you do on a walk home from work? Walking around New York City is my favorite way to get active and clear my mind. In the 70 blocks on my walk home, I like to listen to books on tape, call family and friends to catch up, listen to music, or just people watch — and of course, sneak a peek at my pedometer every so often to make sure I get my 10,000 steps!

Rose Anna Kaczmarcik

Where is your happy place? My yoga mat. Whether in an intense class or practicing by myself, I've learned the importance of being truly present at each moment. Over the years, I've strengthened my body and mind through challenging poses and sequences. Yoga has taught me that any challenge - on or off the mat - can be overcome with patience, practice and clarity.

David Canty

What is your favorite food? It's difficult to pick a favorite, but salmon, asparagus and good red wine are very high on my list. But, just to show what an honest nutritionist I am, some other favorites include KFC, chocolate and Cheetos!

Ivy Stein

Favorite time-waster? Driving on back roads in my old convertible with the music up because who said the direct route is always the best? You never know what ideas will spark when you pursue the path less traveled…that’s my philosophy in life and when developing creative and innovative approaches to consumer health.

Jessie Wang

What was your favorite class in college? One of the most compelling and thought-provoking class I’ve ever taken was a documentary class in the Journalism school at Washington and Lee University. It changed the way I approached storytelling and opened my eyes to the emotional connection that brands can create with consumers, and the lasting impact this kind of connection can have on brand loyalty.

Hannah Freedman

What was your first job and how does it relate to your current career? In high school I worked as a camp counselor at a preschool. Spending all day, every day with over a dozen three-year-olds and just two other adults requires teamwork, creativity, and quick problem solving - three skills I constantly use working in public relations.

Danielle Choi

What is your favorite hobby? I love playing the piano. I learned how to read music at a young age (around the same time I learned how to read words) and it has always helped me to relax. Playing piano is my outlet for self-expression and has taught me about the importance of creativity, poise and perseverance in all aspects of everyday life.

Jillian Gray

Question: What’s your life motto? “You can do anything you put your mind to.” From a very early age, my dad said this to me nearly every day, and it truly instilled a strong sense of drive and ambition in me that I still carry with me to this day. If you can do anything you put your mind to, nothing is impossible.

Clarice Jacobson

Question: What’s your favorite word? Possibility. Always play to the whistle and never accept a fait accompli. Any tomato can be an heirloom tomato, if you keep it in your family long enough.

Jeannie Houchins

Question: What is the first thing you do in the morning? Make a cup of tea. I find that ritual helps to quiet my mind and give me focus for the day ahead.