• Engaging the Worried Well: Brands that are Succeeding
  • Engaging the Worried Well: Brands that are Succeeding

    Seven healthcare brands succeeding with Millennials

    What do millennial adults want from healthcare? Research from GSW, Allidura and Harris Poll reveals their changing expectations – and the brands already meeting them.

    Millennials want health and wellness brands to mirror the millennial mindset and fit into their complex, stressful lives. The brands earning their loyalty have evolved their marketing and design to make new kinds of connections with this influential generation.

    In this new report, Allidura and GSW outline ‘Seven Millennial Maxims’ for healthcare and the recognized health and wellness brands that are doing it right.

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  • Millennial Mindset:
    The Worried Well

    How this generation is driving the future of health marketing

    A recent study by Allidura Consumer, GSW and Harris Poll finds that adult millennials highly value happiness, but there appears to be a big tension between their aspirations for happiness – 97% say it’s important – and the well-documented way millennials are currently living: more stressed, anxious and depressed than any other living generation. It means these health-conscious consumers require a new approach from brands, and their preferences and opinions are shaping the way we envision modern healthcare and well-being.

    The "Millennial Mindset: The Worried Well" report reveals Generation Y's quest to redefine the meaning of happiness and health and dives into the increasingly anxious mindset of millennials, who:

    • Carry the worries of a much older generation
    • Connect both mental and physical health
    • Live a stress-and-search cycle as digital natives

    Click here to read the press release about the millennials and health study.

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    Engaging the Worried Well: Brands that are Succeeding
    Millennial Mindset: The Worried Well

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